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The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund

Give Today: $

Tuition only provides 80% of Cascia’s operating budget. So we have to raise money through the Annual Fund to bridge this gap. Your support today allows Cascia to fulfill our mission to educate, prepare and inspire the motivated, dedicated future leaders of our community.

Your gift to the Annual Fund:

  • helps us attract and retain talented and dedicated faculty and staff members;
  • helps us keep tuition affordable;
  • supports technology and security needs;
  • maintains state of the art equipment, materials, and supplies;
  • provides financial aid; and
  • is 100% tax deductible.

Levels of Participation

  • St. Augustine Circle - $10,000 and above *Caritas Circle Membership
  • St. Rita Patroness Circle - $5,000 - $9,999 *Caritas Circle Membership
  • Headmaster's Circle - $2,500 - $4,999 *Caritas Circle Membership

*Caritas Circle Members - Anyone who makes an Annual Fund gift of at least $2,500 automatically becomes a member of the Caritas Circle. These donors will be listed as a group in the Annual Report and will be invited to an appreciation event.

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Matching Gifts:

Some employers and other organizations will match your gift made to Cascia Hall. It's a great way to multiply the impact of your gift, and to use the power of your relationships to help the school. If your employer, your spouse's employer, or another organization will match your gift, please enter the company or organization's name.


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